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future of computing lies at the intersection of man and machine

We are data scientists and material scientists dedicated to unlocking a new standard for quality in semiconductor manufacturing.

Leadership Team

Laura Matz sq

Laura Matz

Chief Executive Officer
James Kugler sq

James Kugler

Executive Vice President
ryan taylor

Ryan Taylor

Executive Vice President
Jeremy Elser

Jeremy Elser

Vice President,
Product & Implementation
CDP 3355 1 1

Chris Han-Adebekun

Vice President,
Business Development

Connecting the semiconductor industry on a single, secure data sharing platform.

Brought to you by a partnership built on science and technology.


Encourage the safe, free flow of information.

We believe transparency is the first step in making better decisions.

Our goal is to safely collect disparate quality, manufacturing and in-process data from within and across organizations into a uniform structure that can be easily analyzed.

Solve through science.

We take a scientific lens to help you move with precision.

We are both data scientists and material scientists. After aggregating relevant data, we combine our knowledge of materials and the manufacturing process to provide actionable recommendations on how to improve material quality.

Champion data ownership and security.

We believe transparency should never be at odds with security.

Built with the highest levels of security and data privacy, our platform is designed to encourage collaboration, but only when and with whom you choose to collaborate. We also anonymize our customers’ data to allow for greater sharing within and across organizations without compromising ownership.

Drive collaboration.

We want to deliver impact for individual companies and the entire industry.

Through deep partnership, we will work to create a unified data and analytics platform that allows for the free flow of information across the semiconductor industry, helping to raise our collective intelligence and performance.

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