Offering for Device Makers

Imagine all you could do with a real-time connection to your customers?

With Athinia™’s ability to safeguard data, you can feel confident in sharing information with material suppliers and creating a virtually and vertically integrated manufacturing flow. This unprecedented sharing of data can accelerate yield and overall performance.


Our secure data ecosystem helps device makers:

yield ramp
Accelerate yield ramp through previously undetectable quality or process improvements

Athinia™’s ability to safeguard large amounts of data means device makers can share an unprecedented amount of information with material suppliers.
This level of transparency provides insight into which parameters matter most in & beyond the norm (i.e., Certificate of Analysis) to more quickly identify opportunities to improve quality.

reduce downtime
Reduce downtime and impact of quality excursions by more efficiently identifying root causes and enabling tighter quality control

With clarity on the parameters that drive performance, material suppliers can reduce excursions and proactively predict the performance of parameters to reduce delays.
Through continuous feedback and integration of data, powerful predictive models can be built, and suppliers can support ‘designing for quality’ in future materials selection phases.

Increase competitiveness by improving supply chain resilience and relationship with your suppliers

Device makers can manage material quality relationships via a single, secure platform.
With continuous data sharing and learnings, device makers and material suppliers can develop a more fluid and ongoing relationship

How It Works


Consolidated view of all relevant data
  • Combine data from multiple sources, including your quality, manufacturing, and in-process data, powered by Athinia™’s proprietary software and process.
  • Data ontology is used to structure the information so it can be analyzed easily.
  • Obfuscation and normalization of data ensures confidentiality.
  • Same process completed with material suppliers to get both parties ready to exchange information securely.


Possibility to analyze materials and in-fab quality performance data
  • Device maker and materials suppliers get immediate access to pre-determined single and multi-parameter analysis.
  • Creation of regression models for prediction based on historical data.
  • Identification of critical parameters beyond the norm (i.e., Certificate of Analysis) that influence in-fab performance.


Take action based on our findings and your insights to improve quality
  • Joint definition of changes to critical parameters to drive performance.
  • Measure and monitor the impact of newly implemented actions.
  • Use predictive models for future planning based on real-time data.

Athinia™ enables device makers to create the next generation semiconductor data ecosystem enlisting the entire value chain.

Data Security

Athinia™ is based on the Palantir Foundry platform trusted by some of the largest, most security-sensitive organizations in the world.

Athinia Key Graphic security lock

Come be a pioneer.​

Athinia™ unlocks a new standard in data management for the semiconductor industry​.

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