Key Offerings for Equipment Suppliers

Imagine all you could do with a real- time connection to your customers?

With Athinia’s™ ability to safeguard data, device makers are willing to share an unprecedented amount of information with suppliers, unlocking opportunities to create and deploy new services in areas such as preventative maintenance and process improvements


Our secure data ecosystem helps equipment suppliers:


Increase responsiveness by improving visibility into full context of equipment operation

Our secure data-sharing platform allows equipment manufacturers to access unprecedented amounts of data from the fabs where their tools are deployed.

This level of transparency allows for faster, more efficient responses through visibility into what happened before, during and after equipment operation.


Improve overall equipment effectiveness by leveraging advanced analytics for predictive maintenance

With the ability to analyze equipment performance across multiple dimensions, availability can be increased by maximizing part lifetimes and optimizing planned maintenance, avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Identifying and understanding upstream factors and downstream impacts can lead to improved equipment productivity.


Increase value to customers by providing complete insights on equipment and process operations

Equipment suppliers can help device makers ramp faster through better tool matching, improve productivity by co-optimizing equipment and process parameters, and reduce downtime by optimizing maintenance schedules.

How It Works


Consolidated view of all relevant data

  • Combine data from multiple sources, including your quality, manufacturing, and in process data, powered by our software and process.
  • Data ontology is used to structure the information so it can be analyzed easily.
  • Obfuscation and normalization of data enable confidentiality.
  • Same process completed with device makers to get both parties ready to exchange information securely.


Possibility to analyze materials and in-fab quality performance data

  • Equipment suppliers and device makers can get immediate access to pre-determined single and multi parameter analysis.
  • Creation of regression models for prediction based on historical data.
  • Identification of critical parameters beyond the norm that influence in fab performance.


Take action based on our findings and your insights to improve quality

  • Identify potential issues before they become critical.
  • Optimize processes to reduce downtime and increase productivity.
  • Measure and monitor the impact of newly implemented actions.
  • Use predictive models for future planning based on real time data.

Athinia™ provides a unified platform to aggregate your data in the cloud enabling faster optimization of equipment performance

Data Security

Athinia™ is based on the Palantir Foundry platform trusted by some of the largest, most security-sensitive organizations in the world.


Come be a pioneer.​

Athinia™ unlocks a new standard in data management for the semiconductor industry​.