Shift from reactive to proactive improvement of “first-time right” with secure data sharing

Problem | Parameters in supplier process don’t meet fab criteria

Oftentimes one specific criteria doesn’t meet fab specification limits, and raw material pre-conditioning is a month-long process that can delay customer needs.

Solution | Proactively predicting in-process and Certificate of Analysis parameters

How it works:

  • Extract data from data base and integrate into Athinia
  • Implement limits on the incoming raw material to predict values post pre-conditioning
  • Run multivariate analysis, validate and train models


  • Production Planner can provide a prediction for planned batches
  • If one batch fails customer limits, Production Planner can react and plan another batch to be mixed for a weighted average to meet customer limits
  • Possibility to plan and meet customer limits better, helping to improve customer commit planning

Excursion response with data sharing


Only 5 minutes

needed for extraction

< 1 day

needed for analysis and upload

30 days

can be saved in delays to customer delivery, preventing intermediate OOC material

4-8 hours

can be saved in planning