Data for pioneers

Athinia is building a secure data ecosystem to solve some of the toughest problems of the semiconductor industry.

At Athinia, we are using the power of data and analytics to uncover novel insights and unlock a new standard in quality for semiconductor manufacturing.

In a time of rapid growth and demand, we help the industry focus time and resources on the parameters that matter most.

Athinia offers a unified approach to smart data collection and collaborative analytics on a secure platform.

Our data ecosystem brings together the combination of capabilities needed to help the semiconductor industry proactively improve material quality.

Smart Data.

Structuring, contextualizing and​ visualizing data in and beyond the Certificate of Analysis into one consolidated view.

Secure Collaboration.

Enabling collaborative analytics through secure sharing of coded and normalized data within and between organizations​.

Smarter Science.

Combining data and material science across the value chain to provide insights that allow for faster innovation in manufacturing processes.

Benefits for individual companies and the entire industry:

The only industry-wide many-to-many ecosystem in which multiple companies can share and aggregate their materials data.

Direct business value by helping the industry minimize quality deviations, increase efficiencies and bring new offerings to market faster.

Collaborative data sharing building on true semiconductor industry expertise.

Some of the highest level of data security and protection available.

Benefits for individual companies and the entire industry

Setting a new standard for fabs material suppliers. the industry.

Athinia offers a faster path to success.

Average semiconductor suppliers today need 5-10 years to create the required data foundation.

Athinia’s unified approach for aggregating data from dispersed systems can help companies avoid lengthy learning cycles and costly capability building.

Smart data sharing reduces quality deviations and helps focus resources on parameters that matter most.

Current state:

Traditional statistical analysis

Smart data sharing current state 04

Every parameter is analyzed separately; some correlations and interactions between parameters are potentially unaccounted for.

Today, solving simple industry problems requires assessing interactions between parameters, requiring more advanced analytical tools.

Future state:

Multivariate analysis with Athinia

Smart data sharing future state 04

Data sharing allows all parameters to be correlated in one multivariate analysis; relevant parameters are identified that would have been ignored in traditional analysis.

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